School Rules

Rules For Discipline

  • Every student must bring the school diary daily.
  • Students must reach the school in time at least 10 minutes before the assembly.
  • All should be habitually clean & neatly dressed.
  • The school uniform is to be worn on all class days except on Saturdays.
  • All damages to the school property must be paid for.
  • School is not responsible for articles like ornaments etc. brought to the school.
  • Parents and guardians are not allowed to walk into the class rooms or interview the teachers during class hours.
  • The name class and section of the pupil should be clearly marked on his/her belongings.
  • No pupil should leave the school premises without the permission of the principal during school hours.
  • From first standard onwards all are expected to speak English in the school.
  • Students are expected to behave in a refined manner wherever they go.
  • The school takes no legal responsibility of any accidents and undue happenings, occurring outside the school campus.
Leave Rules
  • No leave of absence is granted except on previous written application from the parent s or guardians early at least before the class begins.
  • Repeated absence without leave application for mote than fifteen consecutive days renders the student liable to have his/her name struck off  from the rolls. Readmission, if grant ed will be done on full payment along with previous months fee.
Recommendation to Parents & Guardians
  • In order to secure all that is best in the education of y our children, the maximum co-operation between parents and school authorities is desired.
  • Parents are requested to check the school diary and books daily so that they may not fail to do the home work assigned for the next day.
  • Parents are particularly expected to sign principals or teachers remarks in the diary after reading them.
  • Criticism of child's teacher or school in the presence of students should be avoided because it causes to lose his/her respect for the teacher.
  • In case of meeting the respective teachers of the classes of children, parents should kindly contact the principal.
  • School fees should be paid regularly by the 10th of every month.


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